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The largest multi national urban quarter in Israel at the heart of the country
Unique community life with abundance of public services in multiple languages

Jews from all over the world already understand
Home is where the Heart is.


There is no better time to invest in your family's future and build your home in Israel.

The heart for the Jewish community.

Foreign interest in Israeli real estate is boosted by antisemitism, as Jews around the world crave community.

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About the Project

Purchase land in one of the most beautiful and attractive areas in Israel, and enjoy a significant increase in value.

The largest multi national urban quarter is Israel at the heart of the country
Unique community life with abundance of public services in multiple languages

124 acres

undergoing a land improvement procedure

30 mins

from Tel Aviv

2 km

from the beach line

10 mins

from Netanya City and the coast

~ 3,000 housing units

are planned for the project

Starting from $350K

for 1 Acre of your own in Israel

* The land is not available for immediate construction

* An expectation of about 6 years for realization according to an appraiser's estimate


The land is located in the south of Hadera, between Netanya and Hadera, approximately 2 km from the beach line. To the north of it, the Hadera forest and planning complexes 24 and 17 (in the Had/2020 plan) which are currently undergoing a development process and will include thousands of units. To the south, Hasharon Park which is a beautiful national park between Highway 2, "Israel coast road" and Highway 4.
The Hadera railway station is nearby with assumptions that there will be another proper station in the near future,
designated to Central Park Project and the park.

Hadera Forest, is a spacious area, wooded with carob trees and the Tabor oak, which is a remnant of a large oak forest. The importance of the Sharon Park, which has an area of about 6,000 acres, in that it constitutes a relatively large and complete natural landscape unit, containing the entirety of the Sharon landscapes.
The park is a "green lung" and an open landscape area that separates the residential block of Hadera from the built-up block of Netanya, and by its very existence it prevents the area from becoming an urban continuum on the coastal plain

Property Highlights

The local authority in Hadera's is pushing to establish residential and commercial areas

Privately owned land being redesigned by a leading
architectural team

Rapid development stages on land that is not owned by multiple owners

Strategic location: 2K from the beach line major transportation hubs and green surroundings

ELG is Your Key to the right Investment Since 2010

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Why you should invest with us

In-house A to Z​

Locating high-potential lands, planning, executing and delivering the entire improvement project

High customers retention

We have many satisfied customers that continue to invest project after project

A decade of experience

We have successfully completed dozens of projects and are currently working on many more​

Solid and stable company​

Unlike most real estate companies, ELG is not leveraged by banks, making it more stable

Building property portfolio

Investing house that helps small investors build a portfolio that leads to financial stability

Recent Projects



The Group has 2 lots in the park, and a total of 20K SQM over which 140K SQM of mixed uses are planned: Commercial areas, Office spaces and Residential units

Project Scope: NIS 1.2 billion



85K SQM of offices spaces, commercial areas, logistics centers and leisure areas

Project Scope: NIS 700 million

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About us

ELG Group Investment House specializes in identifying and improving of high potential lands in Israel and abroad, with particular focus on transparency and generating profits to investors

ELG is committed to Transparency, professionalism, personal service and credibility

The ELG Team


Mr. Elchanan Leyzerovish

CEO & Founder

Mr. Yochai Effinger


Ilan Ben Yehonatan


Avi Ben Aroya

Project Manager

Israel Hen-Zion


Yael Cohen

VP Marketing

The ELG Group

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